Program Extension

If you are not able to finish your program by the end date noted on your I-20, but have maintained F-1 status and are making normal degree progress, you may request an extension of your program. If you are an exchange student who would like to stay an extra academic quarter, you may also request an extension. See “How to Apply” below.

When to Apply

Apply for an extension before the end date listed on the I-20. To allow sufficient processing time, please submit your extension request with all the required documents to ISSP at least two weeks prior to the end date. If your I-20 expires while you are still a student, you may be considered in violation of your status.

How to Apply

F-1 degree seeking

  1. Log into iGlobal, select “ISSP F-1 Requests” on the left navigation, and complete the Program Extension e-form.
  2. Attach proof of funding for the extension period as determined by the requirements below. Please note that these required amounts are for one academic year (9 months). If you are requesting only one or two-quarters extension, you may prorate the required funding amount accordingly.
    Proof of funding must meet the following requirements:
    1. Dated within the last six months
    2. Liquid assets (checking, savings, money market accounts, etc)
    3. In the form of a bank statement or signed bank letter
  3. You will be notified once the new I-20 is ready within 7-10 business days of final submission.

Required Funding

Current estimates for degree-seeking, exchange, and summer students can be found below. All students must show the full funding estimated by our office, even if your actual costs vary from these amounts. These forms are updated annually as new estimates are released.

Estimated cost of attendance for the first year of studies varies by program, is set for each program, and cannot be altered for personal circumstances. Take note of the Total Estimated Cost of Attendance.

  • Cost of Attendance Chart (Degree & Summer Students)
  • Cost of Attendance Chart (Visiting Students, e.g., Incoming Exchange)

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Last modified: Nov 21, 2023