Global Mentorship Program

Students participating in Global Mentorship Program 2023

The Global Mentorship Program (GMP) pairs new first-year frosh (mentees) with trained Global Mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced UCSC students. Mentees are matched with mentors after orientation and stay connected during their first two quarters at UCSC. The mentorship helps new international Frosh students transition to the UCSC campus community by connecting them to campus resources, engaging them in activities, and offering a support system as they navigate cultural, academic, and social challenges.

  • An instant connection to UCSC for new international students
  • Connections with domestic and international slugs from around the world
  • Get-togethers, where mentors and mentees get to know one another
  • Monthly community activities such as virtual movie nights, study groups, dinners, and in-person gatherings when safe
  • Large quarterly events including in-person day trips to local attractions like the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Join the Global Mentorship Program

Become a Mentor (existing students)

Become a Mentee (new international students)

  • Sign up to join the Global Mentorship Program (must be a first-year frosh)
  • New students will be matched prior to International Student Orientation
  • Students who sign up during the academic year will be matched on an ongoing basis


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Last modified: Jun 20, 2024