Withdrawal & Readmission

You must inform an ISSS advisor if you intend to withdraw or cancel your enrollment at UC Santa Cruz, or if you are suspended or dismissed from the university. Also, speak with your college or graduate advisor to learn about the consequences in terms of academic matters.

Withdrawal or cancellation without informing ISSS will result in the negative termination of your SEVIS record. You will lose your lawful status in the U.S. and must depart the U.S. immediately. It may also affect your future visa applications.

Undergraduate students can find more information about withdrawals, cancellations, and readmission on the Undergraduate Advising website.

Graduate students can find more information about withdrawals/involuntary withdrawals, and readmission at the Graduate Student Handbook

Once you submit your university withdrawal please complete and submit the LOA/Withdrawal Request by logging into iGlobal, selecting “ISSS F-1 Request” on the left navigation, and completing the LOA/Withdrawal eform.

If you have been readmitted and are returning to UC Santa Cruz, in most cases you must obtain a new I-20 before reentry. Contact istudent@ucsc.edu to discuss your situation and request a new I-20.

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Last modified: Jun 10, 2023